Perplex Tonstudio - Das Rockstudio im Raum Heidelberg, Mannheim

The Very Rock Studio in the Heidelberg Mannheim Area

Located in the industry park Walldorf Süd between SAP and Heidelberg Druck, the Perplex Recording Studio provides outstanding room acoustics, technical equipment and know-how for professional demands particularly in the field of Rock-, Pop- and Jazz-productions. High ceilings, big windows and a cosy design, as well as four mutually visible recording rooms allow relaxed working in a light atmosphere. The studio has been installed on the basics of a professional acoustical planning concept and was sound-optimised respecting room resonances and reverberation times. Great effort has also been layed on the studio atmosphere beyond mere acoustical aspects.

No dezibel restrictions day and night!

Music Production, Mix, Mastering, Liverecording, Choir/Ensemble/Voicerecording, CD- and Demoproduction, Midi and Audio Editing, Formatconversion, etc..
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