Perplex Tonstudio Walldorf, Das Rockstudio im Raum Heidelberg, Mannheim


Besides the control room four performance rooms are available with unblocked view between each of them. By opening the seperating doors, rooms 1, 2, and 3 can be combined to one larger space. (E.g. recording a whole band in a quasi live situation without need for headphones).

High ceilings and the use of a variety of different surfaces guarantee a well balanced frequency roll off, resulting in a warm, natural sound. Heavy theatre curtains (velour), removable resonators and absorbative chevron elements let you choose between variable studio acoustics.

To guarantee a relaxed working flow, due care was layed on a pleasant design of the studio rooms beyond mere acoustical aspects. For besides the room sound, the studio atmosphere and last but not least the resulting mood of the interpreters is always transported to the "feeling" of a good recording.