The best of the digital and analogue world!!

With our Soundscape/SSL Audio Workstations you have access to definitely one of the worlds superior sounding and most flexible digital recording and editing systems. Which does´nt mean our tape machines ar condemned to catch dust in the basement. Choose your prefered method of production! Digital or analgue. Or rather a combination of both techniques. By means of frame accurate synchronistion of a 24 reel to reel machine, the digital audio workstation and a midi-sequencer the drums can be recorded anlogue at first, with the benefit of a characteristic tape saturation sound. At the same time guitars, brass and vocals may be tracked to harddisk benefitting from unlimited editing possibilities such as copy and paste, pitch shift, normalize etc. Keybords can be recorded to Midi in addition for further note and sound edits. In fact it´s all up to your taste; whether you prefere performing with the whole band, in overdub modus or rather in a mixture of both.

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