Live-feeling in the recording studio?

The very first link in a perfect signal chain still remains the inspiration of the people performing in a recording. An unblocked view between all rooms along with optimum signal seperation allow to combine sound perfection with the great dynamics of a live session. For instance, if the singer has just messed up one single part of the otherwise "vocal track of his life", exclusively the corresponding verse / sentence / word / syllable has to be replaced by an overdub. All the same there´s absolutely no problem punching in with all the drums, several musicians or even the whole band at any desired point of the arrangement. Small mixing consoles in every performance room give each musician the choice of adjusting his/her own flexible and individual headphone mix. As a matter of fact that can also be done by the engineer from the control room. This way or that, individual monitoring is essential for a recording situation with an ensemble of musicians, because the drummer of course may need a completely different headphone mix than the guitarrist, keyboarder, bassplayer etc.

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