Unlimited possibilities

Are you eager to use the fascinating facilities of highend DSP-based audio technologie? Still you don´t have to dispence with analogue warmth. In- and outputs of tape machines, harddisk recorders and outboard processors can be freely combined, analogue tracks be sent to the digital mixer for further processing, all at virtually zero latency values. Do you want to fine-tune your homerecordings in a professional studio environment? Your favorite VST-effects and instruments may be inserted into the Soundscape/SSL-Mixer via digital streams without any hearable delay. Quite so, quasi unlimited numbers of analogue effects or tracks can be embedded in the digital mixer in additon to internal DSP-pocessors. Thus for instance you can get the typical 1970 Simon & Garfunkel chorus-sound by employing our good old tape-echo machine on a digitally recorded acoustic guitar.

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